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Introduction Combined DFI Glossary/Lexicon

The Combined Glossary/Lexicon is a new document which includes a Lexicon of geotechnical terms merged with the existing DFI document called Glossary.


The Lexicon is a document based on the English language provided with  translations into several European languages, which should be extended with other languages. The DFI Glossary included a lot of definitions which were mainly in use in the North American region. When the work started on the merged document, sometimes there were no equivalent terms available. Some terms seemed to be out dated and some are, as far as we can see, not really used in Europe.

By introducing this document on the web we show our curiosity in to what extend terms from other documents are used in other European countries and missing and should be inserted.

Everybody is invited and challenged to have a serious look at the combined Lexicon/Glossary and see if the terms included in the documents are used in their countries. The CEN Execution Standard terms are included in the Lexicon and have been included in the Glossary column as well, as far as feasible.

If you have national documents please forward them to the Reviewing Committee lead by Tony Butcher (see data below) or the DFI Europe Secretariat by e-mail.

If you are proposing changes or additions of any kind, please make clear whether a definition or term comes from an ASTM, a CEN Execution or Design Standard (EC7), a DIN Standard or the ICE SPERW, national standards or specification documents, or any other document. 

Reviewing Committee:

Tony Butcher

Associate Geotechnics BRE
Bucknalls Lane, Watford, WD25 9XX, UK
e-mail: butchert@bre.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1923 664831
Fax: +44(0)1923 664085
Mobile: 07962007366

You can help us:
If you have any corrections or supplements to the list, please send them to us bij using this form.

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