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  Dieseko Group reinforces its international position with the acquisition of PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs

Dieseko Group, the Sliedrecht-based global market leader and manufacturer of hydraulic vibro equipment and power units is acquiring PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs (PDR) from PVE Cranes in Oosterhout. PDR (turnover of approx. €20m) is a supplier of pile cranes, drill cranes and hydraulic pile drivers. The company will continue to operate independently in Oosterhout, where assembly, repair & maintenance, service and sales activities are currently conducted. Dieseko, in turn, will offer additional production capacity, R&D and sales support from its base in Sliedrecht.

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  DFI-EFFC Int. Conference Stockholm 2014 on ‘Global Perspective on Sustainable Execution of Deep Foundation Works’

Every 4 years a European Conference is organized together with the European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC). The last European Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations took place 21-23 May 2014 in Ålvsjö, close to Stockholm, Sweden at the Stockholmsmässan (Exhibition Fair).

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  DFI presence at Concrete and Foundations seminar held at RWS Utrecht Conference Centre

Around 85 persons attended the ‘Concrete and Foundations’ Seminar on September 19. All presentations were of a very good quality and not only theoretical, but showed lots of interesting practical case studies and projects in the Netherlands. DFI (Europe) presented themselves with a stand at the Exhibit.

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  Call for Abstracts for 21-23 May 2014 Conference Sweden

Parties interested in presenting and publishing a paper or presenting a video are invited to submit abstracts to the conference online submission site: www.dfi-effc2014submissions.org.

Technical paper abstracts should clearly state the purpose and the conclusions of the full paper.

Video presentation abstracts should describe the planning and execution of foundation work on the project site for techniques in the scope of the conference – piles, walls or deep mixing. Final videos are to be 10-15 minutes and in WMV (Windows Media Video) or MPEG-4 format.

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  Foundation industry launches standardised open source tool to compare the sustainability of different foundation techniques

The European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC) and the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) are urging the geotechnical sector to make immediate use of their jointly-developed, pioneering carbon calculator tool, the Geotechnical Carbon Calculator.

Developed using internationally recognised standards, the Geotechnical Carbon Calculator is believed to be one of the construction industry’s first standardised and collaboratively produced carbon calculator tools at the European and international level.

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  Seminar on Sustainability in Foundations – The Netherlands

On April 10th DFI Europe together with the Royal Institution of Engineers KIvI-NIRIA and the Dutch Association of Foundation Contractors NVAF organised a seminar on ‘Sustainability in Foundations’. The seminar was attended by 53 representatives of foundation contractors, engineering consultants, universities and public authorities.

At the seminar, the Carbon Calculator, as developed by DFI Europe and the European Federation of Foundation Contractors EFFC, was introduced and demonstrated.

The tool with the first 7 foundation techniques is already available at: www.geotechnicalcarboncalculator.com.

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  DFI – KIVI NIRIA – NVAF Seminar Sustainability in Foundations

DFI (Deep Foundations Institute), KIVI NIRIA (Royal Institute of Engineers) and NVAF (Dutch Federation of Foundation Contractors) are organizing a one day seminar on Sustainability in Foundations on Wednesday, 10th of April 2013. This subject has become very actual in the Netherlands due to the sustainability requirements that have been set by the National Road and Rail authorities.

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  Franz Werner Gerressen joined DFI Europe Board

Only short before the summer period Franz Werner Gerressen was welcomed as new member of the DFI Europe Board.

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  New President of DFI Europe

Officially on the 1st of January, 2012, Frank HAEHNIG from Züblin Spezialtiefbau, Germany, has taken over the Presidency of DFI Europe from Sikko DOORNBOS (Terracon International, the Netherlands).

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  Monitoring and Instrumentation Committee

On Thursday, 12th of January, the official installation and start of the work of the ‘Monitoring & Instrumentation Committee’ took place. The main objective of this new DFI Committee will be to develop a guideline for monitoring and instrumentation works for underground activities.

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  Tommi Lähteinen (Junttan) Member of DFI Board

In the last meeting, held in Darmstadt (Germany) on Monday 7 November 2011, Tommi Lähteinen was welcomed as new Member of the DFI Europe Board. He especially represents the Nordic countries.

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  Great attendance at the Sustainability in Foundations seminar held at BRE Garston Watford UK.

Around 100 persons, 90% of which were from the UK, attended the Sustainability Seminar on November 25. All presentations were of a very good quality and not only theoretical, but showed lots of interesting practical case studies.

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  BRE-DFI Sustainability Seminar POSTPONED until end of year

Due to a shortage of submissions the Sustainability seminar on 26th May 2011 at BRE, Garston Watford, UK has been POSTPONED until the end of the year. Advertisement of this new event will follow soon.

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  BRE-DFI Seminar on Sustainability in Foundations

The special seminar organised by Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Deep Foundation Institute (DFI) has been postponed until November this year. New advertisment on date and programme will follow as soon as possible.

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  Markus Schönit joins DFI Europe Board

Liebherr Austria at Nenzing’s representative Markus Schönit attended the DFI Europe Board Meeting

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  Tony Suckling new DFI Board Member

Tony Suckling from Balfour Beatty has been DFI Sustainability Committee Chair for a few years.

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  Short Course on Pile Testing cancelled

We regret to inform you that the Short Course on Pile Testing, to be held on 10 and 11 September 2009 in Copenhagen, has to be CANCELLED, due to a lack of sufficient attendance.

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  DFI short course Pile Testing: State of the art

DFI Europe will organise their third short course on the testing of pile foundations on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 September 2009 in Copenhagen.

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  New leaflet for DFI Europe

A new leaflet has been designed for information and membership recruitment activities. This leaflet can be downloaded and printed from this website.

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  European Conference London 2010 on ‘Geotechnical Challenges in Urban Regeneration’

Every 4 years a European Conference is organized together with the European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC).

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  GeoDrilling International (GDI) is an International magazine.

The next issue is due to be published in February 2009 and will contain the following features: * Exploration drilling rigs and associated equipment * Drilling in Canada * Health and safety in drilling

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  Sikko Doornbos: ‘Further strengthen the European branch of DFI’

“The European branch of the Deep Foundation Institute, a worldwide, but originally a typical American organisation, starts to gradually acquire its own 'face' in Europe. It is important that the Europeans within the DFI also do things together on all fronts, including being socially involved, networking, making trainee posts available, developing study programmes and exchanging knowledge. And we have good contacts with organisations such as the NVAF and the European EFFC.”

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  DFI 33rd Annual & 11th International Conference on Deep Foundations “Our Future is Founded on Innovation” October 14-17, 2008

Engineers, Contractors, Academics, Suppliers and Manufacturers will gather from all over the world to learn from each other and discuss the state of the practice and the state of the art on meeting 21st Century challenges in the deep foundations industry.

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  DFI Europe Board met in Brussels

The DFI Board met for the first time this year in the Brussels Novotel. All items concerning coming events were widely discussed. These events mainly imply seminars or short courses on Pile Testing like the one held in London in June 2007, and Deep soil mixing in on-shore conditions.

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  DFI Asian Conference 2009?

DFI's Far East Committee has restarted an initiative to hold an International Conference in Shanghai, China, tentatively Spring 2009, A trip is being planned for Fall 2007 to form a local organizing committee to collaborate with CCES (Chinese Civil Engineering Society)

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  Venue and date of next European DFI-EFFC Conference (2010)

An agreement between DFI (Europe) and the EFFC (European Federation of Foundation Contractors) has been reached on the venue and date of the next European Conference.

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  Documents from second pile testing course

The first presentation from the pile testing course, held on 12 June 2007 at the One Great George Street Conference Centre, London, is now available.

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  DFI Europe officially incorporated

On Thursday, 22nd of September 2005, DFI Europe's articles of association were officially signed and authorized before Esther van As,Deputy Civil-Law Notary with office at Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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  DFI Europe Members continue to be members of DFI

DFI Members will still be connected to the office in Hawthorne, New Jersey,USA. DFI members,whether they reside in Europe or elsewhere, are members of DFI in the US.

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Deep Foundation Institute  -  http://www.dfi.org/

Deep Foundations  -  http://www.deepfoundations.com/


October 22-24, 2014
39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

November 6-7, 2014
Monitoring & Instrumentation Committee
BAM, Berlin, Germany

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